Saturday, October 08, 2005

AS4: No Access Synchronization

AS4: No Access Synchronization

In this case, there is another one to blame completely on Microsoft again...

Have you been able to synchronize any Access file?

I have not.

So, I contacted one of my fellow developers, a specialist in databases and He has informed me that currently ActiveSync 4 can’t synchronize access databases. I should point that ActiveSync 4 still not officially released by Microsoft. And when this happens probably a module is going to be released to allow the Access Databases synchronization but this is not been officially confirmed either.

Have you been able to synchronize your access database?

Monday, October 03, 2005

X51v Bugs

X51v Bugs

This is a list of proven bugs in the X51v. Proven means that I have been able to see or reproduce these bugs. If any solution is available it will be listed with the bug.

  • SD Card disappears. SD card are not listed in the File browser after having the Pocket PC OFF for a long period of time. So far I have not found a total solution for this bug. To increase the PNP Unload Delay seems to help but it does not fix completely this problem. By the way, this problem has been present in the X50v and so far Dell has not released any fix for it.

  • The X51v does not Turn ON. I have been unable to reproduce this bug. When it happens the Device does not react when you press any button including the Turn ON/OFF button. The only way to get the machine back is doing a soft reset using the stylus and the soft reset hole. No solution for this problem has been found.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

X51v: SD Card disappearing

X51v: SD Card disappearing

I have been checking this bug for around a week to be sure that the problem exist (something that was clear to me from the beginning) and that I have the right solution.

After long periods of inactivity my SD was not listed in any browser when I turned ON the X51v. The problem seems to be in the PNP Unload Delay having a value too small for this machine. I changed to 4096 and I have been using the device for more than 72 hours without having seen my SD disappearing again.

How to change the PNP Unload Delay can be found here.

This hack is included too in Tweaks2K2 for those that do not want to change the registry manually.