Wednesday, July 19, 2006

AS 4.2 problems

To all those who have had problems with connecting to the internet from the device when upgrading from ActiveSync 4.1 to 4.2:

ActiveSync version 4.2 made a change to how it interacts with the Windows networking stack to use Layered Service Providers (LSPs) on outgoing Desktop-Pass-Through connections. This allows for improved compatibility in environments where connections to the internet must be passed through these LSPs (ISA Proxy is one such example).

Unfortunately, it appears this change has caused some issues for a small segment of users who have LSPs that interfere with ActiveSync communication.

There is a registry key fix which will essentially remove this change.

Please download and rename the attached text file with the .txt extension to the .reg extension. In other words, change the file LSPvalue.txt to LSPvalue.reg. Afterwards, please double click on the newly renamed .reg file and click on the "Yes" button.

This should resolve your issues.


--Edington Watt
Windows Mobile Platform
Microsoft Corp.

The file can be downloaded here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Solution for some of the Axim X51v Problems

Got a brand spanking new Axim x51(v)? Are YOU experiencing these problems?
  • * Axim Will not power on after standby?

  • * White Screen Of Death (WSOD)

  • * Losing CF or SD cards?

  • * Battery losing charge while on standby?

  • * Axim overheating when left in standby mode?

  • * If Leaving WiFi on when putting into standby, it's light starts flashing for no reason?

You can find a very well written article with the solution in this thread from Aximsite forum.