Monday, October 02, 2006

Tweaks2K2 - 2 times finalist!

I was just reading JKonTheRun a few minutes ago when I found that Tweaks2K2 won the Pocket PC and SmartPhone Awards this year in the System and Registry Category in it's two versions for Pocket PC and SmartPhones!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brando Mini BT Keyboard - Review

This keyboard is the perfect solution for people that own a Pocket
PC and an UMPC. The small size of it make it the perfect companion for
Packet PC like the Axim X51v which does not have it own keyboard. It
will be faster to type using this keyboard than to use the screen
keyboard. When you use this Keyboard with your UMPC you will get
probably the same words per minutes than what you get using Dialkey and
a little bit faster that if you use the TIP in Keyboard mode. I write
faster using Handwriting recognizer than using Dialkey and TIP in
keyboard mode so I find this keyboard useful when I'm programming where
I use commands and variable names that are not common words.

I would like to thank Brando for providing me with this keyboard to write this review.


You can check the first part of this review here.