Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Axim got a face lift

sshot002Probably I'm not supposed to talk about it here but what the heck, Dell abandoned me on this matter so... I installed WM6.1 in my Axim X51v and I'm glad that I did it. It's like I bought a new Pocket PC. My Axim works faster than when it was using the so called "legal" WM5 ROM from Dell.

One of the reason why I have not done it before was because many of these 3rd parties ROM do not work well with .Net applications and in my work with Tweaks2K2 that's really important. But these ROM have gone a very long way from the point of view of quality. The one I'm using does not have to envy anything to any of the ROM released by Dell in the past.

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At 4:38 PM, Blogger Jc said...

Good for you!
I have been suffering with my x50v for more than a year with the awful firmware from Dell, until I updated to then non-official wm6 version. Now my x50v works just fine as it should have been from the beginning.

At 6:46 PM, Blogger BF said...

Frank - What ROM did you install on your X51V? How do you get it?

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Frank J Garcia - CTitanic said...

lenny's from xda-developers.com

At 9:47 AM, Blogger james blunt said...

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At 9:55 AM, Blogger james blunt said...

I have used lennysh 6.1 for 12 days, also 6.5 for 3 days as my x51v came (from ebay) at £105 with 3 x 2gig Kingston SD cards, all the leads, cradle, usb & power, the 6.1 lennysh from HTC Geeks. Unfortunately the device didn't come with any manuals, but I downloaded the manual from Dell. Also, no discs came with it, so I
searched for anything to do with the x51v, eventually an entry I found was a sky drive with free access hosting the AXIM roms.

(x50 wm5 a01),
(x50mid wm5 a02),
(x50v wm5 a01),
(x51v wm5 a02),
(x50v wm2003 a05),
(x51 wm5 a04),
(x51 wm5 a05),
(x51v wm5 a06),
(x51v wm5 a12),
(x51v wm6.1 lennysh).

I decided to flash my axim with the x51v wm5 a12 and wow, the result was fantastic, I imagine that it is now back to how it was from Dell in the first place. While the look using the 6.1 or 6.5 lenny from is a great achievement, in my opinion the original rom is much much better than the cooked roms because I
personally found that mine froze on numerous occasions and the really annoying thing, this was the disconnection from wifi every few minutes asking for the network key over and over again. I am also able to easily configure hotmail. co. uk account as well as gmail.com and aol.com mail by only entering the email address and the
password. It automatically sets up the rest, no bother.

In summary I am sure that if any user of the x51v was to use the windows live link A12 at :-


then they won't be disappointed, in fact elated would be what I describe how mine is now running. One thing that needs to be installed asap is NETCFSetupv35 from


HAPPY X51Ving James Blunt (not the singer)


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