Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Reflashing your ROM from your SD Card

Re-flashing your ROM from your SD Card

I found two good thread at the Axim site that allow users to flash the Axim X51v ROM from a SD card. This method is very useful when for some reason your ROM upgrade failed using the Dell’s upgrade tool. It’s also a method that can be used for those who want to install a different ROM language in their devices.

How to create a backup of your Boot and ROM

How to flash your ROM from a SD Card


At 4:10 AM, Blogger SilverBandit said...

Hi, I've been following all those threads and as far as I can tell it doesn't work on the X51v yet, this is (I think) due to the 256MB ROM

At 9:22 AM, Blogger CTitanic said...

If that's the case, it's going to be a matter of time before somebody comes with a solution. Knowing what to look in the ROM backup file it's easy to find it in the X51v copy and change the break points according to that.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Provito said...

The latest update with the X51v is that we are finding it difficult to get the full rom backup of the bootloader and os.

grabit.exe - Dump created but is corrupted, 128mb and 256mb version tried http://www.hjgode.de/dev/grabit/

- testdump.exe - rom dump ok, but appears to start at the os level and does not include the bootloader

- osloader-1.5.6.exe - errors messages when the utility is run. No useful dumps created.

Using testdump.exe aa os dump can be created but the naming conventions for the SD flash update on the X51v appear to have changed. Therefore we need to examine the bootloader rom to see what we should call the files.

Once a tool has been developed to correctly dump the bootloader and os rom we will hopefully get the x51v to flash correctly,

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Andy Pandy said...

Had been following this for some time. I purchased an X51V off ebay (reconditioned) and it turned out it was running the French A01 ROM. I am in the UK and do not speak French so obviously wanted to sort this out for myself.

I'm sure I found an obscure thread somewhere that described how someone had fooled the rom updater software from Dell into reflashing to a later ROM revision and in the process change the language. I was a bit dubious but gave it a try anyway (hoping that if I mucked up somewhere that I could return the axim to the place I purchased it from on ebay under the warranty)

So I took a risk - I downloaded the A06 ROM update for ENGLISH and of course normally trying to run this package produces the error that my Axim was a different language and not allowing me to continue.
However, what I did was first download the French ROM updater package and take it to just before the stage where it is about to flash the ROM (sorry, can't remember exactly which screen this is but it would have definitely been after it does its check for language compatibility) and while the software is paused at this stage expecting user input to continue, rename and copy over using windows explorer on XP the actual A06 ENGLISH ROM file ie. make the English ROM file the same as the software is expecting the French one to be. Then go back to the flash updater and let it continue.

I couldn't believe it but this definitely worked and I now have a successfully working X51V with proper English A06 ROM. I even went on to succesfully update it further using the proper English updater this time to latest A12 ROM.

I can't guarantee anyone else having success with this. I can only say it worked for me. It may be that it liked the upgrade from A01 to A06 but may not going from A01 to A12 or some other combination. It may not like other language switches either but thats for someone else to try under their own risk.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger CTitanic said...

Andy, that's a good news.
I actually have used that method some years ago when I had an iPaq 3635 and it works. ;)


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