Thursday, November 10, 2005

X51v Mysteries

X51v Mysteries
Here is a brief recount of my experiences with the X51v. I called the X51v Mysteries because it's very hard to tell exactly what's causing some of the issues present in this device. 
The today screen add-in from Resco (the battery meter on it) causes the battery to drain fast making it very hot. Another Add-in with this same problem is the Top Bar Battery Meter of SPB Pocket Plus. The weird thing is that SPB PP has a battery meter in the Today Screen add-in and that one does not cause any problem. 
I have read somebody with the battery draining issue saying that he was using Magic Button, I'm assuming that he was using too the battery meter of that program, but I have not confirmed this one.
BTW, if you are using a program to close not minimize applications, then Resco File Explorer will not cause any problem at all as long as you don't install the Today Screen Launcher. I have been using Resco since day one I got my x51v and I do not have any problem beside the Battery drain issue that I fixed not using the Today Screen Add-in. I have the SD Card disappearing issue once every 8 or 9 days. I using the Today Screen Launcher of SPB Pocket Plus without any problem too by like I said, not using the Top Battery Meter Bar. It seems to me that the "Device not Turning ON"  issue could be relative to this battery meters problem too or may be to something relative to the way you are syncing and charging the device. I use a Sync-Charger USB Cable, never use the Cradle. I remember that I had the Not Turning ON issue only the first two days when I was using the cradle. But at that time I was using too the Today Screen Launcher from Resco. So it's hard for me to say what really fixed that problem between not using that add-in or not using any more the cradle.


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