Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dell revealed release date

A Dell Tech Support Agent has revealed the release date for the Axim X51 series: Monday, September 19, 2005. The news was published in this thread of AximSite, a community of Axim Owners. According to the same source, these are the key features of this series:

· Persistent Storage – Helps prevent loss of data in the event of a power loss
· Music/Video/Pictures – Windows Media Player 10 supports numerous file formats, turning the PDA into a “Swiss army knife” for mobile multimedia content
· New User Interface – more intuitive faster access to data/apps
· Improved productivity applications – Word and Excel enhanced, PowerPoint viewer now native
· Improved Active sync – faster, more intuitive

Differences between X50/X50v and X51/X51v:
· Operating System – X51/X51v includes Windows Mobile Version 5.0 (X50/X50v had Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition)
· Cradle/Cable - X51 416MHz ships with a sync cable (X50 416MHz included a cradle)
· Memory - X51v has 256MB ROM memory (X50v had 128MB ROM)


At 11:10 PM, Blogger weavie610 said...

The x51v is not on Dell's site yet. Also the Dell site says WM5 cd will be ship when available sometime in October for the x50v. Why would it be available on the x51v, but not in cd format?


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