Friday, January 20, 2006

WM5 in Axim X50 problems.

WM5 in Axim X50 problems

Well, since the X50 got the WM5 users have been complaining about how the CPU is over loaded running at 624 MHz for long period of times in a mysterious task that sucks all the resources reducing the overall performance of the machine.

I found a thread at Aximsite site forum that explain what is going on, and in that thread a little unofficial patch can be found too. When I read it I found the following paragraph very interesting:

The filesys module is a core component in the OS and contains the drivers for all the different "file" devices, flash, sd, cf, etc. It also contains a tiny SQL server. Each filesystem it initializes has a corresponding driver. In the case of the x50v, the flash driver is msflash.dll. It is actually the msflash.dll that launches two "compaction" threads during initialization. The code that runs these threads is by Microsoft, but it calls back to driver code written by Dell. It is more like defragmentation than compression.

Defragmentation… the other day I was commenting there, in Aximsite forum that I believe that part of the problems in the Axim X15v could be due to ROM fragmentation. That’s the only explanation that I can find to the fact that after the hard reset, the X51v runs find with the same programs that were installed before the hard reset for about 2 to 3 weeks without any problem. When I said problems I’m thinking about the “No powering ON issue” and the “Drain of the battery in an extremely short period of time”


At 11:43 AM, Blogger a.- said...

Congratulations, man!! This is BY FAR the most usefull blog i have come across scince i bought my x51v.

I plan on reading everything you´ve posted since January.
If we could exchange email addresses to discuss axim issues, that would be great too.

Blog on!


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